At Treetops we are proud to say that our cattle enjoy the freedom of living outside year-round, grazing on organic pasture that is kept free from pesticides and herbicides. Our sheep and goats only come indoors when the weather necessitates it, and then live off the grass that was harvested during warmer months.

Grass fed animals not only enjoy a healthier lifestyle themselves, but also provide a range of health benefits for the consumer. Grass fed meat is lower in fat, lower in saturated fat, higher in healthy omega-3 fat, and higher in certain vitamins and minerals.

Environmentally, grass fed animals have a lower impact. A lot of fossil fuel consuming tractor work and transport goes into the production of cereal based feeds for livestock. Living outdoors, pasture fed animals naturally fertilise the land and take what they need to grow. Wild animal and plant species can also flourish in such a system.