We have a very small herd of cattle, consisting of no more than fifteen breeding Shetland cows, a bull, and their calves. This allows us to keep the cattle as a family unit, which allows for peaceful settled herd dynamics.

We are proud to say that our cattle are certified organic, premium health scheme accredited and grass fed. They live outdoors year round, grazing our organic pastures, supplemented during the winter months with our home grown forage. They have access to brushing posts which are impregnated with neem oil – a natural insect repellant!┬áThe grazing of our cattle is managed very carefully, respecting wild plant and insect life in our fields as well as naturally reducing parasites. During the drier months, the cattle are frequently moved in a mob grazing system to replicate the beneficial effect that wild cattle have had on pastures for millennia.

Shetland cattle are a small, traditional rare breed originally owned by crofting families on the Shetland Isles. They are a very efficient breed, easily converting poor forage into delicious, healthful beef and milk. Shetland cows make excellent mothers, calving easily and producing enough milk even for larger cross breed calves.