Organic, pasture-raised goats are seemingly rare. Goats have evolved to be browsers rather than grazers, and as such are more susceptible to parasites when grazed on pastures. This means that the raising of goats organically requires careful management, something we feel is worth it for such fantastic creatures to enjoy a healthy, outdoor life.

Goats make excellent weeders, preferring to devour docks, brambles and nettles over grass any day. This makes them the very best team for natural paddock clearance. Our goats are comprised of three breeds;

  • Bagots are the UK’s rarest native breed of goat, with less than 300 breeding females remaining. They are a primitive breed of goat, medium sized, with striking black and white markings.  These goats are hardy in nature and whilst ours are bucket trained, they can be flighty.
  • Golden Guernseys are another rare breed native to the UK. More amenable in nature to handling than the Bagot, our Golden Guernseys will go on to provide milk whilst being allowed to continue suckling their kids – a rare thing in today’s dairy industry. The Golden Guernsey is a relatively small yet efficient milk producer, with golden colouring all over as it’s name suggests.
  • Boer goats originated in South Africa and are heavier, having been selectively bred for meat. With it’s excellent carcass qualities, fast growth rates, and high disease resistance, the Boer is one of the most popular breeds worldwide. With their big floppy ears and friendly personalities, these goats would also make great pets.

Goats do need more protection from the elements than sheep, so are provided with purpose built shelters. Fortunately they are also happy to follow a bucket so that they can easily be herded between pastures or brought inside for added protection.