We raise our chickens and ducks in small batches all the way from the incubator to the table, so we know exactly what has happened to them and can guarantee their welfare every step of the way.

Once old enough our birds have the freedom to roam on organic pastures from dawn until dusk, often following the cattle which means they have a wealth of insect life as well as freshly mown grass to choose from. For protection against predators, the poultry have their own security guards – the alpacas!

We currently keep a flock of fifty rare breed Cayuga ducks. As well as spending their days expertly foraging for slugs, snails and weeds, the ducks enjoy a splash in their pool. Cayugas are stunning birds, having deep black plumage with iridescent greens and purples in the sunlight. They lay an array of unusually coloured eggs, ranging from greens and blues to dark grey, and provide us with delicious, gamey meat.