We currently run a very small flock of Galways and North Ronaldsays – both hardy rare breeds suited to our damp UK climate. We are proud to say that our sheep are certified organic, premium health scheme accredited and grass fed. We supplement their diets with a mineral and salt lick, and ‘train’ them to come to us with grass or lucerne pellets.

The Galways are a large, polled white sheep, originating as their name suggests in Ireland. They make excellent mothers and happily live outdoors year round. Galways appear to have gone out of fashion and therefore declined in number as the demand for lamb replaced that of mutton. We hope to increase their numbers here before starting a cross breeding program to produce high quality lamb.

The North Ronaldsays are remarkably different in appearance, resembling a mythological creature more than a typical sheep. They are small, multiple coloured and often horned, descending from the Northern European Short Tailed Sheep. The North Ronaldsays have proven fantastic in removing weeds from our pastures, being keen on browsing nettles, brambles and dock plants. The North Ronaldsay sheep grow slowly on our organic pastures, producing meat that has a unique depth of flavour.